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Invisible Aligner Benefits

October 17, 2020

Why are clear aligners better?

Those who consider traditional braces but find them restrictive and life-limiting, now have the choice of wearing clear aligners instead. Clear aligners are now available online, are more popular than ever, and offer a multitude of advantages. Here are a few benefits of using invisible aligners:

Smile more with confidence

Clear aligners can ring more confidence when it comes to smiling without looking different. They're virtually invisible when worn, and often go unnoticed whenever you're speaking and/or smiling. If you're worried about people at work, school, etc. noticing that you're straightening your teeth, with invisible aligners, you can smile without showing any metal pieces in your mouth - they won't know!

Delivery to your home

Let's face it, monthly dental or orthodontic clinic visits are inconvenient.  All of your invisible aligners will be delivered to your home, along with a pair of retainers and whitening. Save time and money by not traveling to monthly appointments for adjustments/tightening, and avoid waiting rooms.

More comfortable than braces

Metal or ceramic braces have wires, and those often cut the insides of your mouth. Avoid unwanted pain by using clear aligners that do not poke into your cheeks, gums or tongue. Let's get it straight here, clear aligners may still cause discomfort (like braces) from moving teeth, but it's way more tolerable, and much more comfortable.

It's easier to clean

Compared to braces where metal brackets are attached to your teeth, invisible aligners can  be removed at any time. Quickly remove your trays off whenever you need to, making it easier to eat, drink, brush, and kiss! The worry of having food unknowingly stuck between your braces and talking to people will never happen. 

Smile more without insecurities

Clear aligners can help alleviate all insecurities towards smiling without looking different. They're virtually invisible when worn, and often go unnoticed whenever you're speaking and/or smiling. Smile as much as you want without showing any metal pieces in your mouth - no one can tell you're wearing them!


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